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Update på situationen i det meste af verden

SCI har lavet en lille nytårs - update med informationer om jagtrejsemål over hele verden. Vi bringer den i den foreliggende form og på engelsk:

* West Africa - Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Liberia - terrorist activities and / or rebels, camps being burned down. Nigerian Army trying to help out, but it has its' own troubles.

* Central African Republic - French troops still in Bangui

* Sudan - rebels and there are US troops there

* Ethiopia - parts under rebel control

* Botswana - concession hunting still closed

* Zimbabwe - new government, everyone is still unemployed and starving, poaching is rampant

* South Africa - rumors are that the government is seizing white owned properties, as happened in Zimbabwe

* Dagestan and Azerbajan - ISIS trained terrorists returned home

* Tadjikistan - price gouging when you get there. Example - $6000.00 for a tip, $20,000 or more for a 60" sheep. Transfer charges of $2900.00. Guides are shooting the sheep. Beware and take lots of money. Poaching by a Russian company has been documented.

* Mexico - drug cartels are killing newly elected mayors etc. The borders are not recommended for crossing due to immigration problems

* Pakistan - Americans were not overly popular there anyway, not to mention the 3 main terrorist groups operating there now, that the US occasionally bombs and kill.

* Turkey - parts are closed due to refugees and different militant factions.

* Malware on computers systems from New Mexico outfitters to Africa to Russia. Thieves are stealing wired deposits and balances. These are reports from affected outfitters

* US Citizens - regardless of continual rumors, we still have not seen or heard of any lion or elephants being imported here. If you book one, plan to leave it behind.

* Canada - still no Polar Bear trophy import. Due to their weak currency and socialism and high wages, check hunt prices. We are receiving significant increases, there may be plenty of openings.